Come, As You Are

Video Instelation 

Artist Statement by Ash Dorman

Conceptualized and performed by Sarah Berrell, Aneeqe Khan and Ash Dorman. 


Come, As You Are is a video installation exploring life in a living space. 

It is a long, main vein, of a two-bedroom apartment. The beings that live here truly live in the space, free to be themselves without judgment or worry of being exposed for their behavior. 


Their behavior is hardly even acknowledged by themselves.


We observe through a mirror, representing a reflection on ourselves. 

Empty space and heightened interaction with that space push us deeper into our self-observation. 

There is beauty to be found in the mundane. Simply existing is something to be pondered, to experience and to marvel. 


This work is a response to an unprecedented global event and a call to appreciate both ourselves and those we share our spaces with.