An Artist, Young

Short Film

A young artist, feeling extinguished by the world around them, attempts a rise from the depths of doubt.


Phoenix is a struggling artist - not only in the financial sense -  but also in heart, mind and soul.  The dreams of this creative being seem so close to being fully realised…

The next step of Phoenix’s journey is a dance performance that could be a springboard to paid, professional work.  Alas, Phoenix’s reality - the external pressure of her peers and her world - have left her feeling extinguished, losing her “flame” and ultimately threatening the vision and creation of this pivotal artwork. 

Torn in all directions, Phoenix must find a way to rise from within the inner-turmoil, and create a work that has meaning and resonance - before the “authentic self” is lost forever.

An Artist, Young is a love letter, written to art itself. It is a challenge to connect, accept, explore and create.  What drives an individual to create?  What are their struggles, internal and external?  How is artwork conceptualised, realised and motivated?  In Ash Dorman’s directorial debut, you will find the answers to these questions, and a truth that you can actually grasp.