Production. Direction. Design. Art. 

Doorman Alley Art House is an entity created by Ash Dorman.

Doorman Alley principals: 

Fast tech, slow craft. 

- complete work on time but never let an idea be compromised. 


- make sure the creative process is cherished and the work allowed to grow organically.


-  be able to scale up or down, no project is ever too big or too small.


Content is king, but creativity is the throne it sits upon. 


I'm Ash. Creative Director and Producer.

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I believe effective storytelling is the foundation of everything. It teaches us, moves us, and helps us understand ourselves and others.


So, quickly, my story:


I started as an actor, building my understanding of people and their shoes.


I discovered what I loved on the other side of the camera, become a storyteller.


I found who I was working on set, I learned how to be effective in leadership and creativity.

My goal is to help any idea, piece or production to be the best it possibly can be. I believe the project comes first and must be allowed to grow organically. I'm lucky enough to have worked on many projects on my journey from acting to creative producing, directing, and consulting; on all of them, I found exceptional communication to be second only to creative freedom. 

I look forward to collaborating with you and bringing my creativity and project management skills to you or your team.

Directors Showreel
What I Can Do For You And Your Project.

Concept / Design 

The concept of your project is everything, best get it right before the engine really starts. I want to make sure your first step lands with impact.

  • Creative conceptualization

  • Scripting 

  • Pitching 

  • storyboarding 

  • Copy Generation 


Once we have the ideas down and cemented it’s time to really get to work.



  • Casting 

  • Crewing 

  • Scheduling


Now’s the really fun part. The engine is running.

  • Producing 

  • Directing

  • Unit Management 

  • Creative Direction 

  • Art Direction 

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